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Blood Cyst Endometriosis

Blood cyst of the ovary is also called an Endometriotic Cyst or Endometrioma.

They are caused by Endometriosis, a condition where the menstruation lining is found outside the womb, leading to menstruation outside the womb. Endometriosis is the most common cause of painful menstruation and it can start as early as in the teens.

Endometriosis involves the left ovary and left pelvis more often than the right side. This gives the typical left sided pelvic pain of Endometriosis.

Treatment of Blood Cyst

Small blood cyst (<4cm) that is not causing much pain, can be monitored with 4-6 monthly scans.

Surgery is the treatment of choice

  • for growing cysts
  • for large cysts (>6cm)
  • if there are severe symptoms from the cysts
  • to enhance the chance of pregnancy.

Endometriosis surgery is best done by laparoscopic keyhole surgery because the vision and access to the deeper pelvis is far more superior than conventional open surgery.

There is also less pain, less infection and less adhesions formation, resulting in faster recovery and better fertility outcome.

Medical treatment can help reduce some blood cysts but it may take up to 12 moths for the cyst to shrink.

Endometriosis Medical Treatment

Blood Cyst Recurrence

Endometriosis is a condition that is linked to menstruation. Hence blood cysts that are cause by Endometriosis can recur after surgery, if the menstruation continues.

To prevent the blood cyst from forming again, medical treatment to stop the menstruation and treat the Endometriosis, is advised.

Surgical Treatment for Blood Cyst Endometriosis

Blood Cyst & Fertility

It is well accepted that blood cyst of >6cm is best removed laparoscopically to improve fertility.

For blood cysts of 4-5cm in size, a detailed discussion of the risks and benefits of surgery is needed.

Blood Cyst Endometriosis Surgery Treatment
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